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Fermer son compte wikiloops

Fermer son compte wikiloops

Account closure procedure

You may request closing your account by sending a message from your useraccount to the "wikiloops"-user-account, which serves as a central moderator contact inbox.
"Close account" is the minimum message, but you may use the opportunity to send us additional feedback on your way out.
Please expect up to 72hours delay before your user account is closed and your user profile goes offline.

As a result of the account closure,
- you will no longer be able to log in to wikiloops
- your user profile will no longer be available under the web-adress
- your user name will eventually become available to newly registerring members
- any images and personal data you may have entered on your user profile will be deleted
- any unremixed tracks of yours will be deleted
- any tracks of yours that have been remixed by other wikiloops users will remain on wikiloops, but display an anonymized username
- any albums you may have published on wikiloops remain online, but display an anonymized user name as their creator

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If only Wikiloops was around when I was younger, I would be a lot richer as a musician. I,ts great to share. Thanks Wikiloops.
MalCo from Ireland

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