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Monitoring your account status

Monitoring your account status

Monitoring your current Log-In status

The simplest way to check if you are currently logged in with your members account is to check the look of wikiloops top navigation panel:

If your username and avatar image are displayed there, you are logged in, and will find the link to log out displayed in the very top-right corner of the page.

If your username and image are NOT displayed, you are currently logged out - possibly because your session times out eventually. The link to log in is displayed in the top-right corner of the page now.

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Access your current member account status and upgrade history

Your current account status and (if applicable) the booked upgraded periods timeout date are displayed in the "settings"-tab of your user profile, which you may access by following the steps listed below.
If you have upgraded your user profile sometime in the past, an upgrade history will be available.
You may also access the billing .pdf receipts of past membership upgrade purchases from within the payment history.

To navigate to your account status overview, log in and then follow these steps:

Navigate to your user profile by clicking on your username in the top navigation bar.
On your profile, open the last available tab which displays the "gears"-icon or the "refuel"-icon if you are close to an upgraded periods timeout date.
Your current account status and a link to review your payment history are offered at the top of the opened settings-tab.
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