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Private Bands feature overview

Private Bands feature overview

Introduction to private bands on wikiloops

Private bands on wikiloops offer additional functionalities for group collaborations, and are different to the public music collaboration on wikiloops in only granting invited group members access to the shared music.

Each private band project comes with a designated band-page, which serves as the access point for all of the groups activities.

Band pages can be visited by anyone, but the bands private content is hidden from unauthorized access - uninvited visitors only get to see the bands name, the optional banner image and description, the bands participating users and tracks which have been deliberately published to be visible to visitors.

Besides serving the purpose to handle group access restrictions and offer group communications and file exchanges among the groups members, wikiloops private bands also serve as the access point for the private storage that is part of upgraded memberships.

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Functions offered in private bands

1. wikiloops private bands allow to share tracks by organizing them in the remix branching system used in the public part of wikiloops.
The processing and included functionalities are identical to the "public" collaborations in adding the usual comment, feedback, remix-placement, attachment, editing and download options, with the only difference that the collaboration is not available outside of your private band.

2. wikiloops private bands include an internal playlist to organize private band collaborations as a continuous stream

3. wikiloops private bands include the "FilePool", a tool to conveniently transfer large audio files

4. wikiloops private bands include a group messaging tool to send private messages to all group participants

5. wikiloops private bands offer a band-internal chat similar to the shoutbox-chat.

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Understanding the relation between the private bands founder and invited guests

The setup of wikiloops private bands is in many ways quite close to the real-life challenges of managing a band and organizing a place to practise:
Someone needs to provide a room and become the host of the bands get-togethers.

While the wikiloops project hosts the complete public part of wikiloops.com under the condition that anyone may access the collaborations,
any private band on wikiloops requires someone who hosts the non-public party in the virtual room resembled by the private-band-page.
In reality, the size of the rehearsal room needs to meet the space demands of your project, and this idea is applied to the web-server storage space needed to host your private online collaboration on wikiloops, too.
Instead of renting a room, the private bands host purchases a wikiloops membership upgrade and assigns some of the included private storage to a band project, to be used to host the files uploaded by anyone who takes part in the band.

The bands host is the only band member who may invite other people and customize the band pages look, and who can manage the bands FilePool.

Anyone who is invited by the bands host may use the private band regardless of being in free- or upgraded membership status.
The limitations for free members which wikiloops applies in the public segment do not apply in the private band segment.
In other words: Invited band members may up- and download unlimited files to and from private bands for free, as long as the private bands host is providing the needed webspace.

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