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Où trouver les informations légales et l

Où trouver les informations légales et l

Legally relevant links & "Impressum" of wikiloops.com

Below you will find hyperlinks to the relevant legal documents ruling your use of wikiloops.com,
and to the documents ruling the optional services offered on wikiloops.com, which will only be relevant if you are making use of the optional services.

The item "Impressum" leads to a page offering information on the company which is operating wikiloops.com, including the street address and the responsible personnel of the wikiloops media UG (haftungsbeschränkt), germany.
Presenting these details (= the "Impressum") on a separate page is mandatory thing to easily identify publishers, which is required by german law.

Impressum & business contact

Legal documents relevant to anyone using wikiloops
Conditions d'utilisation
Politique concernant les données privées

Legal documents relevant for optional, additional service purchases
Service terms "basic unlimited" membership upgrade
Service terms "premium collaborator" membership upgrade
Service terms "basic download ticket"
Service terms "premium download ticket"

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wikiloops online jamsessions are brought to you with friendly support by:
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Just a Basement hobbyist but the hours of entertainment wikiloops has brought me and my guitar rig are worth so much more than my (father of 2 little ones) butt can give! Thanks Wikiloops keep up the great work (all of you musicians as well!).
allfeel from United States

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