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Using the band-internal FilePool to share audio files

Using the band-internal FilePool to share audio files

Purpose and use-example of the FilePool

The FilePool offers an interface to conveniently share large audio files with other wikiloops users.
It is part of the tools offered within wikiloops private bands, which require either an invitation by the bands founder, or an upgraded membership to be able to set up band projects.

Audio files quickly exceed the attachment-size-limits offered by email providers, so it has become a common thing to share such larger files by using dedicated services, such as the well known DropBox or weTransfer to name just two.

The wikiloops FilePool offers similar functionality to offer this kind of service within the wikiloops collaboration environment, where requests for audio files happen on a frequent basis.

Whenever someone is interested to produce a more sophisticated mix then possible by adding to an already-mixed and .mp3-converted track, there is demand to get a hold on the high quality single tracks of the collaboration.

Depending on the involved instruments, that may be quite a lot of files:
Just think of a fully mic-ed drumset which can easily result in 8 single channels by itself, and (assumed the track is five minutes long, and the tracks come as 24bit .wav) may have a total filesize above 1GB, just for the drums of one song.

Such amounts of data can not be attached to the standard wikiloops remix uploads, but can easily be shared by using the FilePool.

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Sharing files via the FilePool

To add a file to the FilePool of a band, log in and visit the bands page, which you may access from the "bands"-tab on your user profile.
By choosing the band, you are at the same time choosing who will be able to access your files, as the bands invited-guest-list serves as the access control for the FilePool.

On the bands page, open the "FilePool"-tab.

Now, either drag and drop the file(s) to share to the FilePool-tab, or click on the offered button to open your browsers file-explorer, with which you may select the files to upload from your local hard-drive.

The file(s) start uploading immediately after being selected, and you will see upload progress bars for each file.
Leave the browser window opened until all uploads have finished. You may continue browsing wikiloops in a second browser tab or window if you like, but leaving the bands page during a file-upload will cancel the upload.

Once your upload has finished, you may optionally inform the other band participants about the files being available by sending a group-internal message thru the "messaging"-tab in the "Communications"-panel on the right side of the bands page.

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Downloading files from the FilePool

To download a file shared thru the FilePool,
log in, visit the band page and switch to the "FilePool"-Tab in the "Collaborations"-panel.

A list of available files and the sharing users avatar images is displayed below the upload-area. Newly added files are displayed at the top of the list.

To start a file-download, simply click on the hyperlinked filename displayed in the list.

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Deleting files in a FilePool

To be able to delete a file from a FilePool, you either need to be the person who uploaded the file, or you need to be the founder of the band who is in control of the provided storage space utilized by the FilePool.

The bands founder may also set an automated file-deletion rule in the storage assigning procedure, which will automatically delete files after 90 days.
If this is enabled, a message in the head area of the FilePool will inform all people with access about the automatic expiry being enabled.

To manually delete a file in the FilePool, navigate to the "FilePool"-tab on the bands page and click on the "delete" button offered in the bottom-right corner of each listed file you would like to delete.

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