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Kah wah ta
kah wah ta

kah wah ta

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  1. 19 mai 2024
    World jam avec kah wah ta à la Flûte Piste # 294776
    Dirty Sweller 1
  2. 17 mai 2024
    Folk jam avec kah wah ta à la Flûte Piste # 294655
    A place where I can hide 1
  3. 17 mai 2024
    Electronic jam avec kah wah ta à la Flûte Piste # 294651
    CO SIĘ GRYZIETA (Short Cut) 1

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an NAF, rim-blown and shakuhachi enthusiast....unable to read music score despite endeavours, so I always improvise to make an expression.


Naf/xiao/shakuhachi/rim-blown flutes

recording devices

Currently, with the guidance from fellow Wikiloop Wade...am able to use simple Audacity to improve my recordings. Not inclined due to time/space/ability to venture more sophistically into the technology available to enhance recording/post-production. Life goal at this stage ( 79 years old ) is to be really a good/versatile busker and enjoy playing my flutes.

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