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  1. 20 juin 2024
    Metal jam avec Psychedelic1 à la Vocals Piste # 296760
    Clean it Up
  2. 17 juin 2024
    Rock jam avec Psychedelic1 à la Guitare Piste # 296604
    Voices From The Sphere
    de Psychedelic1
  3. 16 juin 2024
    World jam avec Psychedelic1 à la Guitare Piste # 296548
    The Demolishment Of Ideals
    de Psychedelic1


I love to create. I feel it is essential to my being. I have spent many years painting, then writing song lyrics, then in bands as a vocalist. Now back to music after a lot of years away. This time also playing guitar ( out of necessity really ). I try to make the most of my limited abilities as a musician, and have released 2 albums. One in December 2022, called "Electric Eel" and more recently in February of this year 2024, one called "Ne Plus Ultra". I wrote all lyrics, sang all vocals, played all guitars & programmed all drums & incidental instruments. Probably because I didn't have anyone else to work with 🤣. I have put two links here for the curious, should they wish to listen to those albums. I have way too many musical influences to mention, but I guess my favourite musical eras are the late 60's/1970's. I am here to mainly find other musicians to collaborate with. Thanks for reading all this blurb🕊️❤️. https://ditto.fm/electric-eel https://ditto.fm/ne-plus-ultra


Guitars & vocals. I long for talent.🤣

recording devices

Very basic, just Audacity & BL studio Daws. I have a Motu-2 interface, Spark amp, Boss Katana amp, Donner Arena 2000. Vintage statesboro dreadnaught electro-acoustic, Vintage Lucky Betty electric, HB- Electric Bass, HB acoustic-King Line Cent- acoustic-electric, Cort KX300 Electric, D'Angelico DC tour-acoustic electric... Couple of Shure mics SM58 & PGA48 , and more effects pedals than I have brain cells.

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Wikiloops is a must for ageing musicians like myself ! It has given me something to look forward to every day ! I have made may new great friends !

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