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One Step At A Time
One Step At A Time
One Foot Back One leap Forward
One Foot Back One leap Forward
The Journey
The Journey


  1. 20 mai 2024
    Rock jam avec TEE-KWA à la Vocals Piste # 294853
    Your Everything I Need
    de JoeOnBass & TEE-KWA
  2. 7 mai 2024
    Pop jam avec TEE-KWA à la Clavier & Saxophone Piste # 293997
    A Little Light Sax
    de Marceys & TEE-KWA
  3. 17 avril 2024
    Electronic jam avec TEE-KWA à la Sequencer Piste # 292784
    Technic Owl
    de TEE-KWA

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Born.Done Stuff. Still Doing Stuff.
Heart Attack May 23 Double Bypass August 23



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Gracias a todos por ayudarme a ser mejor músico =) Thanks you all for helping me to be a better muscician
ladybass from Spain

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