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Hello all, I'm Frazer, from Blackburn, Lancashire, UK. been playing guitar for 15 years now but I have ASD(Autistic Spectrum Disorder) and all the social anxiety’s that goes along with it, as a result in all that time playing I've never jammed or played with people so I'm hoping this will be a massive opportunity to grow as a musician :D.

I joined a while back for playing to backing tracks, but only now started contributing :D
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Hey Frazer ! Glad you decided to step in :) you'll have massive fun here ! Welcome aboard ;)
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Hey Frazer,
welcome, and you've come to the right place! You can jam here with really good musicians, and the good thing is: There is no pressure and demands, just fun fun fun :D
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A very warm welcome to you. You've come to the right places. The guys on here are great freindly bunch of people. I'm adding you to my follow list... Enjoy the ride:W
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Welcome Frazzgrun. The best thing about Wikiloops is that the community here is unfailingly positive and supportive - have fun!
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and a warm welcome to the Loops from me Frazer :) Most of all, HAVE FUN :)
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Hello Frazer,

Looking forward to hear your Guitar sing!

A warmth welcome to this place where you get delicious virtual tea in the chat (oh yes, lots of flavors!) and it won't be boring with all the fellows here uploading their nice contributions! :W
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Nice to have you here it's the best place when your online so enjoy the music:W:)
music is the language all people understand so lets make music instead of war❤
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