Wake Up Blues

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6 mars 2023
Thanks Tom and Michael .That woke me up ! Piano and Hammond added
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Good time blues shuffle
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:W:Y<3 +1
6 mars 2023 à 08:22
MikeyJ :):) +0
Another cool 😎 one from you guys :W:Y +1
6 mars 2023 à 08:22
MikeyJ Thanks very much Isa :):) +1
Great sound and fit! Sure wish I could have as much fun as banging on a keyboard. I sure had the opportunities as a kid. My father played piano and Hammond. I just didn't have the coordination... still don't but can hear what I'd like to be able to play. Something very much like what you play! +1
6 mars 2023 à 15:52
MikeyJ Thanks for the compliment.Never too late to learn you know Wade !.If you can drive a car you probably do have coordination , just haven’t learned how to apply it to a piano.I’m just starting learning one of your favourite instruments (the dreaded Bagpipes ! :D).Apart from different fingering to my whistles have to coordinate blowing and squeezing with the actual playing so not a straightforward transition ! I’m finding it quite difficult especially as it makes such a goddam awful row if you get it wrong ! ( I know what you’re thinking , makes a row even when you get it right :D) +1
6 mars 2023 à 20:06
Wade Well, I like to think about the traditional use for the Scottish bagpipe...to get people so pissed off and angry that they wanted to go kill other people.

The Irish version is a totally different instrument. Doesn't require blowing and is sweet, mellow and not loud. I think it's a better fit for you.

I did have piano lessons for three years...so it's not a matter of not having tried. It did teach me how to read music, but just wasn't my thing. Woodwinds and vocals followed and those were much easier.
<3:Y:W +1
6 mars 2023 à 15:31
MikeyJ :):) +0
:)very nice, just stupid that in this neverending jam sessions always same people like to join up. Like in the bar,oh open session, wow let's take a look....and the rest is banned to the audience :D +1
6 mars 2023 à 15:30
MikeyJ Thanks for listening and glad you enjoyed it.What you say is true, there are musicians I admire thatI follow such as Tom ( Frenzie )and so I will be more aware of tracks he creates and more likely to add to than someone else.There is so much good music on the Loops ,too much for me anyway to listen to all of it so I tend to be selective.I think maybe others are the same .Sorry if this annoys you . +0
6 mars 2023 à 15:42
seriouss nothing to do with you, I have to apologize.
Some where i need to write something.., I can just say
to me it fees like. If these are friends , then I do not need any enemies and I am here for 10 years already. :) never mind , really nothing to do with you. It#s a great template by all 3 of you !!!
6 mars 2023 à 15:57
MikeyJ No worries my friend.I was not annoyed or upset in any way by what you said.In fact you made me more determined to try and broaden my horizons and listen to people ( including yourself !) who I don’t normally get to hear :) +2
Super blues band!<3 +1
7 mars 2023 à 17:21
MikeyJ Cheers Laurent :):) +0
Different style, same musician at the keys, that's impressive:) +1
11 mars 2023 à 15:13
MikeyJ Thanks very much Peter :):) +1
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so happy about ... thank you wikiloops & all those fantatstic musicians here
AKchen from Germany

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