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wikiloops public - license

wikiloops public - license

here is a short summary of the most important aspects of the granted rights, which can be read in full text in our terms of use in §6, par. 4.1 .

All pieces of music that have been licensed under the public license may be

1. streamed to all visitors of wikiloops.com at no charge.

2. downloaded by registerred users of wikiloops.com.

3. altered or mixed with additional sound and be published under this license, as long as all authors names are stated, wikiloops.com is mentioned and there is a reference to this license.

This license covers non-commercial and private use only. To apply for a license to use this piece of music in a commercial context, you may either make seperate licensing agreements with all involved musicians / authors, or send your request to info@wikiloops.com for more info.

For the legal details of the license, please see the full license text, or check out the following knowledge base articles:

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