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new field: Storage location or directory information

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just an Idea, I would appreciate having a new, optional Wikiloops Field to be maintainable by the Uploader.

it would be called "Storage location or directory information" / "Angaben zum Ablageort oder Verzeichnis".

The Uploader could therein save informations, where he/her has stored the DAW Audio Project he/her was working on before the upload, on his/her harddisk, e.g.


and so forth...
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Hey :)
That seems more like some "note-to-self" thing, no need to show this to the public, right?

If there was a free-text-field for such private information, one might as well enter that info there... I'll consider it next time I go over the upload thing :)
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Dick, fully agree, that could be a "note-to-self" or "private note" thing, free-text field. Edit while upload/edit (as You wrote). Display while displaying the song detail page (e.g. below the song description) - only visible for the creator of the song.
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