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3 avr. 2024
Had a jam man pedal, loaded up D to C power chords and just thrash for hours to that when i was a teen. Still love playing that 2 chord vamp. Here is an inspiration of that.
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rock, jam, heavy
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Harley Benton G112 Celestion V30
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Lenny Cowler
great sound and play:W:W:D +1
Mac Dab
Rock and jam agreed, but both subtle and heavy. Great stuff :W +1
Major 3rd
Real nice Zach!! beautiful playing and nice clear you have a pick up or just mic it? sounds crisp n clear...good tune!!:W +1
6 avril 2024 à 02:45
zacheppley Both actually, stumming is mostly an AT4040 mic and SM57 blended. The finger pick sections are mostly super compressed inputs from the Fishman in my Breedlove cs350 +1
6 avril 2024 à 06:10
zacheppley heres what the session looked like
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......yeah.. What they all said! And ps. it's great! Thanks!
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