East Wind

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11 janv. 2023
A wonderfully creative track from M4fp. An oriental flavor that morphs several times, yet keeps the the character of the mode and eventually changes into a jazz styling. Elements come and go all along. This is a brilliant concept from M4fp. Alto sax added...forgive the jazz cliches...I'm not a jazz player.
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A very special "team" at work. Great jam from both of you:) +2
12 janvier 2023 à 19:25
Wade So glad you enjoyed this one Johnny. The template is very special/unusual. +1
I especially love the beginning minute that reminds me of Darius Milhaud & Moscow RTV Symphony
“La création du monde, Op. 81a”, that I listen to on Tidal. Your alto sound and playing is an uncanny match. What a wonderfully inventive work you and Andrea has created. <3
12 janvier 2023 à 19:29
Wade I hadn't thought of Milhaud, but understand what you're hearing. He was wonderfully inspired by the music of Brazil (if I remember correctly). His quirkiness was always a draw for me. Wish I could say that it was my inspiration here... The inspiration is 100% Andrea's +1
13 janvier 2023 à 02:05
PaulM44 I am drawn to how some artists manage "acceptable dissonances" and I'm not sure if Milhaud is putting those in but I know others like Gabor Szabo (guitarist 1970's) seemed to give the entire scale a workout. +1
13 janvier 2023 à 11:13
Wade I'd seen him live several times when he visited LA. He was Hungarian (like my father) and I know some of the modes/scales he used. Mostly variations of what's (appropriately) called "Hungarian Minor". The last time I saw him he could barely hold his guitar. Totally zonked on H. +1
13 janvier 2023 à 19:45
PaulM44 Wow, I am impressed you got to see him in LA--I know his music was used in some movies. I did a brief try to emulate his guitar sounds and gave up. Sorry he caved to fame's not so hidden danger. We have friends nearby who spend 6 months at their home in NZ and love it. Smaller world. +1
13 janvier 2023 à 20:15
Wade I'm originally from LA and moved to NZ/Australia in 1980. The music scene here is very limited, but the living is glorious. Nobody considers it the center of the know universe, #1, the worlds policeman, etc. Not many resources, so not coveted. Gateway to Antarctica may be the claim to fame? +1
This moved me in both space and time .... from the Sydney Opera House today, to a local NYC jazz/cigar bar during the roarin' 40's .... Wonderful music from you both :) :) +2
12 janvier 2023 à 19:38
Wade Ah Rob, you "get it". That's such a wonderful response. Thanks so much! +1
Beautiful Wade ,you bring it to the next level.<3<3<3 +2
12 janvier 2023 à 19:44
Wade Thanks Marc. I'm especially pleased if it sits well in your refined musical ears! Andrea gave us such a wonderful template in this. He also asked for a bass to be added in his response below... +1
W:oW! Awesome Wade. Beautiful track <3 +1
12 janvier 2023 à 19:19
Wade Thanks so much Andri. A most unusual template from Andrea. Just glad if I fit. +1
Beautiful interpretation of Wade
Great add on a great track
12 janvier 2023 à 19:21
Wade You Italian guys! I'm always finding your tracks, subtleties of play and ideas so special. If I ever get to Europe again I'm going to come and bug all of you for live jams! +0
Awesome<3 +1
12 janvier 2023 à 19:22
Wade Thanks so much David. I really appreciate your giving a listen. +1
I confess to having goosebumps listening to your sax. It’s a sweet, melancholy song. It creates a wait, time is suspended as the warm oriental wind blows. Practically a poem. Thanks for joining.;)
Now a bass is missing....
12 janvier 2023 à 19:32
Wade Hopefully you know how much your wonderful template was an inspiration. So creative, unusual and original. It was an absolute delight to play with. So glad if my humble add is acceptable. +0
12 janvier 2023 à 20:27
M4fp Thanks, i appreciate your add very,very much;) +0
:) great ! +1
12 janvier 2023 à 19:35
Wade Cheers Jean. Very kind of you to give a listen. +0
Well combined with Andrea's idea!! :W<3 +1
12 janvier 2023 à 19:36
Wade Thanks Mario. It's such a a wonderful template that inspires. +1
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