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Sorry about the last one, I hope this makes more sense. It is meant as a dancey, trancey uplifting song. I've used harp as an indicator of the bassline I had in my head. It sounds a bit Elizabethan and that is NOT what I meant. They didn't have electric bass in those days though so... I hope someone will add a great bassline. And drums. etc. An explanation of what's going on, how I've arranged it. It's ambient wavy twinkly sparkly ...
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Trance, dance, balearic, dub, conscious


Hmmm like for Shi, this didn't play for me. And you couldn't delete it? Let me try... oh wait, I see it has a remix, let's hear that one...
Edit: strange that this one doesn't play - but we can't (or rather: shouldn't) delete it since it has a remix already which plays perfectly fine :)
Septembre 05 2022 19:05:07
BB6 Yes, it did play when I uploaded it (uploaded wav and presume it converted it to mp3, cos it played)

But I tried uploading wav to the remix and it didn't play, so I deleted and uploaded mp3 and it was fine. Some time between that and Shi commenting on it, the template track stopped playing. (probably immediately after uploading the remix wav, is my guess)
Septembre 06 2022 08:24:52
wjl Hmmm maybe a glitch in the software of the 'loops, we're currently working on that a bit. I'll ask whether such a track could be repaired without re-uploading it... +1
Septembre 06 2022 11:43:15
BB6 It might be best to leave it silent. (Very annoying metronome) +1
Septembre 06 2022 12:54:38
wjl Just had feedback from Dick, and it would indeed be quite an effort for us all (including you) to "save" this - so leaving it silent is the easy way out for the moment. Cool if you understand that :) +1
Septembre 06 2022 13:23:04
BB6 Yes please leave it silent. best all round +1
hey BB sorry but this track doesn't play+0
Septembre 03 2022 19:22:28
BB6 That's odd. It played after I'd uploaded it. The Hopeless track didn't play either but that was because I'd uploaded a wav. I thought the wl conversion from wav to mp3 had worked for this one +1
Septembre 03 2022 19:26:35
Shi if you look at the waveform the end of the track says 0.0
you can delete it by clicking on the little red flag on the right :)
Septembre 03 2022 19:32:10
BB6 It won't let me do that. Edit Track in there doesn't let me either. +0
Yes, it won't play for me....upload an MP3 maybe?+0
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