crack a smile

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26 janv. 2022
thank you I could sing a million voices to this song and they would all sound great layered lol if only I was not so poor a cheap hissy mike lol I think it's wore out lol
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awesome, smile, love
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Vocals sound great man :W +1
26 janvier 2022 à 02:24
metaled thanks the track the track turned out awesome I think but I got to get a new mike lol +1
Awesome! :W +1
26 janvier 2022 à 03:27
metaled idk wtf I get this from lol it flows like water lol +1
Excellent! Really liked it especially when your vocals were less processed. Your voice doesn't need that much processing to embody emotion and the words become clearer. ...just saying. +1
27 janvier 2022 à 02:17
metaled lol I don't even remember what I did with the vocals lol I live in a small apartment so it's impossible to get a quiet recording lol that's what reaper is for lol im stuck trying to get that perfect alice and chains sound +0
27 janvier 2022 à 10:12
Wade None of my business, yet here's an opinion: If you use the same somewhat heavy processing for the vocals then it gives the same message. This track you varied the processing and it gave a window to your more natural voice which worked better (IMHO). The sounds/processing we use communicates as well as the words. When your voice is somewhat hidden/obscured then the words are lost and one only has the feel/attitude of the processed voice that's communicating. You can be saying something profound and tender, but if the attitude of the what we hear sounds rough and hard, then your message is lost and each track basically communicates the same thing. +1
28 janvier 2022 à 07:09
metaled i don't think used many effects on this just a lot voices lol i usally use an autotune mix setting +0
🤘sounds good to me.I can remix when I add:) +0
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