Awakening From Heart (nyl gt)

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Remix step II
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New journey with this great masterpiece by Moonchild ... I had started with electric guitar but couldn't resist nylon ... for now ... Thanks for listening


Fantastic Your Acoustic guitar add Philip I like this Sounds friend :Y<3;)+1
Septembre 18 2020 13:21:38
Filo974 Thank you so much Karl <3:) +1
Lovely job wonderful song!<3<3<3 hooked in right away <3<3<3+1
Septembre 18 2020 14:09:36
Filo974 Thx a lot - a challenge for me :D:) +1
Septembre 18 2020 15:40:05
WanHu Yeah, I bet. I had a quick go and realized I'd better not bother. This is lovely though; nice fit with the Abbey Road style harmonies:) +1
Septembre 18 2020 16:14:56
Filo974 :D:) Thank you to take an ear on it ! +0
wonderful guitar:D+1
Septembre 18 2020 19:15:43
Filo974 Thx Mike :) +1
Hi, cool ... et il y a du volume :)+1
Septembre 18 2020 19:20:05
Filo974 Merci Jean Paul :) Question volume j'ai testé pas mal de chose mais sur ma chaine HiFi ça me semblait un peu faiblard, alors... du coup la guitare est un peu loin dans le casque... mais bon, j'espère que ça ne couvre pas la voix de moonchild ! +0
A lovely accompaniment with the right feel and sound.+1
Septembre 18 2020 23:00:49
Filo974 Many thanks budy !!! +1
Odie Tamo
just my .02 cents, i thought the guitar was too much. DON'T GET ME WRONG, IT WAS PERFECT, i liked it a lot no doubt, but i think it needs to come down in the mix.+1
Septembre 24 2020 04:41:35
Odie Tamo
Filo974 I also have this feeling when I listen to it again... Sincerely thank you very much for your constructive criticism Odie +1
Septembre 24 2020 04:44:46
Odie Tamo
Odie Tamo my pleasure, as it is only intended to give my thought a listen, which you did, thank you sir. your playing is perfect, i just thought, especially in a soloist mode it was a tad loud, otherwise very fitting indeed. beautiful song +1
Septembre 24 2020 04:54:18
Odie Tamo
Filo974 My concern was not to cover the vocals, so I definitely missed the solo part ... besides, I'm not a good mixer :( :D Thanks again +1
Septembre 24 2020 05:00:11
Odie Tamo
Odie Tamo it's all good brother, i'm just a hobbyist at best. at the intro of this song, i certainly think bringing your part in softer would be cool. other than that, it was brilliant. bring your part in softly while the vocals are established, people hear the vocals first, the soft buildup of your guitar would, IMHO,be near a perfect song, after listening to it's entirety. +1
Septembre 24 2020 05:15:52
Odie Tamo
Filo974 You are right ! Indeed, the guitar must be more discreet on the 1st vocal part in particular, before the rise in power. I think I have a job as a mixer for this weekend ... +1
Septembre 24 2020 05:18:14
Odie Tamo
Odie Tamo LOL, all go9od, i could learn from you:) +1
Septembre 24 2020 05:19:52
Odie Tamo
Filo974 Your comments make my day :) Glad to read you bro ! +1
you are so extremely talented, Philippe!!!! You take this already wonderful music to a higher plane!!!!+1
Octobre 04 2020 21:25:24
Filo974 Many many thanks Dan !!! appreciate a lot your comment... +0
c'est parfait filo!!:)+1
Octobre 26 2020 16:03:28
Filo974 Merci Stef :) +1
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