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28 févr. 2019
I spend some times last few days to join baer and dominik in the seven division riddim, I'd tried to fit a easy bassline and let some space for others for adds eventually :) thanks for the groove guys P.S: I' d download the single guitar HD by dominik but it seems the synchro not correct w the drums, then i' d played on the DrGt mix
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This is pretty wild :) I like it :W +1
28 février 2019 à 19:18
GuitarPlyr i like the pretty wild comment :) and you drive you're add extra rapido, thanks so much ! +1
Nice my friend!! :) +1
28 février 2019 à 19:15
GuitarPlyr Thanks bro' ;) +1
1 mars 2019 à 19:02
GuitarPlyr thanks my friend :) +0
Hey this is a Bassline that really adds something to the song :) Thanks
Good to know that the sync is off. I hoped it wasn't that way... I'm recording to a four track. Every time I record, the tape gets stretched a little bit. I hoped that this effect wasn't that bad. Now I know... That sucks. Maybe I should buy me an inteface... But I love recording on tape...
1 mars 2019 à 18:59
GuitarPlyr Glad you like it :) you made a great guitar part w baer and I dive in'... for the synch. of your single guitar, I'd not spend many time to see what happen, I'd simply remember the top of the drm track and the guitar not locked together on the bar meter division then when i tried to replace it doesn't work ... I have a yamaha 4 trk too a dad present when I was 19 :) it work again in 2019, the sound of the tape is warmer, and I love it too (I can feel it in your guitar part) I like very much the heat, the color of the sound but I used my 4Trk now for adjust my headphones sound when I record, but I use a tascam DP_24 for the moment +0
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