The Colors Of Piano Keys

Remix step I
Elijah Sivad
United States
Elijah Sivad 13 jams

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16 juil. 2017
Suddenly got in the mood to do a piano duet...and who better to do it with than Alberto! Hope ya'll like it and I tried not to get too crazy with the song. It seemed a bit laid back to me, so I hope I didn't ruin it. Sleep well! =)
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Wonderful! Great match. Bravo Elijah! +1
20 juillet 2017 à 08:13
Elijah Sivad
Elijah Sivad Danke schon mein freund! :D:) +1
francisco al
muito bom, Elijah Sivad +1
I am very glad to hear you again, and that you could not resist an ad. Great :):):)<3<3 +1
20 juillet 2017 à 08:12
Elijah Sivad
Elijah Sivad Thanks Abu. So nice of you to say that. Have a great day :):) +0
very very good Elijah...;) +1
how pretty this sounds from you both :) +1
20 juillet 2017 à 08:10
Elijah Sivad
Elijah Sivad Thanks Shi :) +0
Great job kiddo... now just have to teach you to play country :D +0
17 juillet 2017 à 07:49
Elijah Sivad
Elijah Sivad Country music on the pianer? I'd reckon that'd sound mighty strange. :) +2
17 juillet 2017 à 11:21
Don_T not as strange as Beethoven on the jews harp :D +0
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I love the supportive vibe of the musicians,all this talent! and lots of great music created on so many levels, it's really special&truly inspiring!
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