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  1. 28 avril 2024
    Funk jam avec JMB65 à la Basse Piste # 293488
    de tyros4 & JMB65
  2. 23 avril 2024
    Funk jam avec JMB65 à la Basse Piste # 293160
    Hunting Plek
    de JMB65
  3. 16 avril 2024
    Electronic jam avec JMB65 à la Basse Piste # 292739
    Running all the time
    de JeanPaul66 & JMB65

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Love to play bass since 1977. I started with 10 to play guitar. With 11 I got one year classical lessons, after that I switched to bass and learned 7 years by myself. Then I visited several music schools and graduated on the MBI, "Münchner Bass Institut". The rest is bass playing in Bands, taking lessons from inspirational teachers and so on. Life forced me soon into a "proper job" as we say in Germany. So I am a hobby or amateur musician.


Bass, a little bit piano, even more little guitar, and a kind of singing :)

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Focusrite Scarlett 2i2

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