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Hinterhofballaden by Uloisius


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Thanks to all who play on this album.
Your are really cool ;o)
all Lyrics © uloisius Uloisius créé par Uloisius on 23 déc. 2015

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My German Brother


Chronique par Tofzegrit le 23 déc. 2015

You have such a great voice and you can sing many style.

I'm so proud knowing you and sharing music with you Uli

I'm remember that song


Chronique par Keiton le 24 déc. 2015

I am proud to have been able to play with you.
Thank you so very much Ulo :)


When I've seen the Cover Painting, I was touched


Chronique par hartmut le 25 mai 2022

my very best compliments to this wonderful collection of beautifully selected tracks.
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