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Wolf & Gang - VIII by wjl

Wolf & Gang - VIII

Wolf & Gang - VIII
À propos de cet album

The eighth album if I don't count the first one without any contributions of myself.

On this one I was happy to play with Ali Campbell (not on Wikiloops, but she allowed Don to bring her track in here), and with some Wikiloops members old and new - and as always that was so much fun, thank to all of you!

Thanks also to Richard and the Kaiser family again for giving us all this great platform to sing, play, and dance on it :)

The photo was taken by my friend Mélanie Gomez in my home studio in February 2015, so thanks to her as well.

For more info about me: https://wolfgang.lonien.de/

Hope you like this. wjl créé par wjl on 19 janv. 2020

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Artistes impliqués

A Musical Feast


Chronique par Ivanovitch le 26 févr. 2020

This album is packed with good music. Well done wjl and ensemble for showcasing exceptional musical talent

Beautiful Music


Chronique par TeeGee le 27 janv. 2020

A cool selection of really nice Wikiloops songs. Well done to all musicians!



Chronique par AKchen le 23 janv. 2020

einfach schön :)

Concise playing by a fne musician


Chronique par Wade le 20 janv. 2020

If I didn't realize it before, Wolfgang's album reemphasizes his sparse and very musical way of adding to every track.

the musical eight


Chronique par ERWAN le 19 janv. 2020

Album pleasant to hear, varied styles with the sound of the bass as a reference point. happy to be part of the wolf gang



Chronique par WildGoat le 12 juil. 2023

That was wonderful ... Enjoyed everything. Still can't believe the quality of music on Wikiloops ... ❤️

Cool Album -


Chronique par Ernie440 le 12 juil. 2023

Really nice smooth music selection here, bass is always on point from Wolfgang ... sounds great!! :W:W
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I just love this place..... ;)

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