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WhiteOut (office magic)
WhiteOut (office magic)
White Lights (a jazzy night out)
White Lights (a jazzy night out)
White Dragon (Jazz N Funk)
White Dragon (Jazz N Funk)
The Blue Note
The Blue Note


  1. 8 juin 2024
    Jazz-Rock jam avec WhiteDrum55 à la Batterie Piste # 296054
    Tiramisu 152
    de WhiteDrum55
  2. 8 juin 2024
    Funk jam avec WhiteDrum55 à la Batterie Piste # 296050
    de WhiteDrum55
  3. 8 juin 2024
    Rock jam avec WhiteDrum55 à la Batterie Piste # 296042
    Hammer It
    de WhiteDrum55


Hello! I am Mark. I started playing drums and percussion early in life.
Early influences were classical and jazz music. I enjoy lots of styles of music,
but my favorites are Funk, Jazz, Latin, Rock, and Pop.

Nice to meet and jam with you! ;)


Drums and some Bass Guitar

recording devices

Seven piece maple drum set with Evan's coated heads.
Sennheiser 600 series bass and tom mics
Shure SM57 for snare
Rodes small and large diaphragm condenser mics for overheads and room
Focusrite interface
Cubase DAW

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commentaires: 8.617
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vues de jams :2.798.663
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