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The End cool tracks from 2017

The End cool tracks from 2017
à propos de cet album:
as we finish up the year I thought I would do an album of just a few of my favorite 2017 jams( this could become another double album) Thanks to all that playedaxenvocs créé par axenvocs on 12/19/2017

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Excellent way to finish a year


Chronique par GreenDog le 12/20/2017

A really cool compilation of songs along different styles ,i'm very glad to be involved in this great album,thank you very much for choosing some of my tracks to add your talent,muchísimas gracias Gary!!


Chronique par Mikebanez le 12/19/2017

diversity and variety love it. album cover did you airbrush that? like it
Major 3rd



Chronique par Major 3rd le 05/23/2018

Great album. Gary is a powerhouse vocalist and so many different styles. I have so appreciated all his fine vocal adds! than kyou brother Gary for all you are and all you do here...salute'

Gary,El Magnifico :W


Chronique par ivax le 12/25/2017

Fantastic Album Gary, my friend, thanks for always being present with your talent,Gracias amigo

Great album


Chronique par ARNOSOLO le 12/19/2017

Thx for this great album Gary. It'as always a pleasure to jam with u my friend.

Great album, man.


Chronique par Chris-B le 12/19/2017

I love every single track of your album, axenvocs. Great music to listen too. Thanks.
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