A Folk Sound

A Folk Sound
à propos de cet album:
A new album with Shi, Mishteria, Solozolo, WanHu, MasterX, Don_T, Moonchild and Glen highlighted with their beautiful and delightfully sung melodies. Many thanks to Ernie, Ray, Paul, Cody Tripp, Kapone120, Panpot, FrankieJ, JMB65, Onorium, Pkliesch and Egil for these delicious musical moments.ARNOSOLO créé par ARNOSOLO on 11/16/2017

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Artistes impliqués:
ARNOSOLO Shi rp3drums Ernie440 Mishteria solozolo WanHu Hesgone119 MajorTom_III kapone120 DrStrgeglv FrankieJ JMB65 panpot onorium Don_T pkliesch moonchild eGiL pconey

Awesome Sauce


Chronique par Don_T le 11/16/2017

Awesome album, Arno my friend. Thanks so much for including me...keep those cool tunes coming :)
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