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Hello Wikiloops! I found you guys while searching for backing tracks. It's because of this site I bought a new Tascam 2x2 specifically to upload. I've uploaded a couple tracks so a few people have already taken a listen. I played when I was younger but took a lot of time away from playing while in the real world. I've spent the last few years catching up to where I was when I left off. I can play rhythm fairly well but haven't done much lead. Hoping to get better and maybe share a bit.

Right now I have a Epiphone Les Paul, Fender acoustic/electric and a Fender G-Dec 30. I've had Marshall Amps and recently sold a Line 6 modeling amp.

I bought my first album in '74, Aerosmith's debut. My second album was Led Zeppelin 4. 70s and 80s classic rock is my main interest (Aerosmith, Zeppelin, VH, Hagar). Other bands I've liked are late Creed (mainly due to Tremonti), Foo Fighters, Rival Sons, Candlebox, and a local band Red Sun Rising.

Hope you guys like what I contribute to the site. Later.
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Welcome !
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nice to have you with us barrtrek :)
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welcome!!! have fun!!~
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