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Cooperation with arranging entire songs

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Hey! I wonder if there's anyone who would be intreserad to make proper arrangements for my music that I've done over the years, and maybe someone lyricist who wants to write lyrics that can fit. I also wonder if I can publish music here with arangeman for you to understand in what style I imagine the song (s) ??
My main instrument is the drums so it's not so easy to fix guitars and keyboards and other instruments that might fit:o Cb
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Dude more then happy im am a melomaniac and record alot a music because iwas a dj and a metal guitarrist for 4 bands and i know how to play and arrange piano chords .vocals.fx.and specially loop arragements to creste song on one mix with 6 or more diferent styles at the same bit in a song check things in my profile like spirits for a solo .classicalmetalrap and all wegot leftis to rock it that one is very crazy she gave me di vocals and tooc it to an out of your mine song that know hss a video
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