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Anti-war song - great video jam for all

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We all see what is happening in the world. This applies to all of us.
I suggest starting a new jam - a song about the desire for peace. We, unlike politicians, all want peace, right?
If the song will turn out well, we will make a video - singing and playing in real time...

Just sketch, idea...

If Tomorrow War Starts

I want to see my children grow
I need the sunsets and sunrises
I like the seas and forest
I love life in all its guises

I like to touch the wet grass
I bastard from early morning
I need a drink of fresh air
and hear the purling of brook

Do I want too much?
Do not we all deserve this?

If tomorrow war starts / Если завтра война
If tomorrow war starts / Wenn morgen der Krieg
If tomorrow war starts / Si demain la guerre
If tomorrow war start / Si mañana la guerra
nothing will be more in the world

(of course, needs editing, more verse, maybe another ideas, etc..)?

I'd really like to see in the work on this project Anne Cozean, Shi, Marmotte, JohnnieV, Carla JP, other songwriters and singers, OlivBee, Dafunkydrummer, haddock, JMB65, TomasFoe, Wade, Dick, Ake, FreshFunk, Calle, Rastafari, and other musicians, sorry, can't enumerate all the great musicians here=)
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Great idea!
Let it be a beautiful and peaceful song. No rage.
It is not by fighting against war - it is by being peaceful that peace will emerge.

(just remembering Sting: "The russians love their children too")
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Very good Idea and i hope it goes in the direction, as suggested by Lutz!
Rockin´ in a free world !
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I agree with Lutz and aduenwald - let it be a beautiful and peaceful song! Thanks, guys=)
Now we need nice lyrics... Who can help? We have a great Poets on the wikiloops - hope, they will join...

In the second phase we will need composers who will offer their versions of tunes ... And we will be able to vote for the best idea (or a combination of ideas) and will continue the way - to playing parts and record:)
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i'm interested! I usually need a hit of music to set me on my vocal path. Look forward to this developing. Good idea, Steve. 8)
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here's an Anti War song Shi and I contributed to several years ago - the poem is famous, the music is by Colin Edwards. i think the group sing works well here...
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Glad you like the idea, Anne! Hope you join this one=)
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We need more than a two chord or three chord over and over again jam. Would be really cool if there was an instrumental part of the song where we flex our music skills a bit. So, I suggest we come up with a structure? Do you start out soft and then build up to a big ending? Slon do you have any chords in mind to get us started? Here on wikiloops we seem to like C#m chord type stuff. F#m can be neat as well. You want a verse based around a minor chord for emotion, but in the same key have an upbeat chorus without so much of the minor chord? Make sense? Does no matter their are no rules. Give me an emotional chord to work based on and we can go from there.
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Slimdaver, I just sketched a sample text (in the hope that it will be edited and enriched by native speaker)

I have not thought about the musical part, including the key. Key should be convenient for the singing men and women. One stanza sings one person, another second - something like this... The instrumental part, intro, solo, bridge, ending - all this we will need to consider...

it would be good to hear different instruments - not only guitar, but also sax, trumpet, cello, violin and so on ... Small parts of different instruments ... I don't know! Lets wait for our poets?

But if you start working on the music - it would be perfect! Be free, to create own version based on this text=)
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I will be following this thread,
very cool ideas here
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Sample structure of the song:

Intro with instrumental solo
verse 1
verse 2
main solo
chorus + instrumental solo on the background
chorus + instrumental solo on the background
chorus + instrumental solo on the background
fade out

my mail: slonmusic@pochta.ru

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Hey there peacefull friends!
I really like Slons idea, I do feel the need for speaking out about this topic too (anyone missed #21543 ?) :)
With my prior experience on projects like this, I'd suggest to start with a very clear layout of how to go about - anything else will become very confusing...
I believe it would be very helpfull to have a beat & bassline giving the structure of the jam - additional instruments and voices can be easily cut & mixed on top of that, diffrent Basses & Drums may be cut in as well if the "grid" of the tune is clear. Lets not get stuck in the songwriting with too many people involved....
I'd suggest: Slon, go ahead and give us that basic structure,
from there on, I can imagine splitting the parts to dedicated participants - like: Baer & Dick, record alternative of the chorus,
X & Y take care of the bridges etc.... does that make sense to anyone?

I'd also love if there were a wide span of styles involved to represent the tolerance we have - from a classic rock guitar riff to some jazzy sax, a rapped passage as well as some ballad female voices. We have it all here...
I dont want to steal Slons lead or anything here, just offering some thoughts - if you feel you want more attention to this project or wonder about where the result may be presented in the end, be assured I'm willing to give all support wikiloops has to offer (p.e. by informing people via newsfeed messages etc). If you'd like some support on the lyrics, I'd be happy to join on that as well.

Speaking out against war is a good thing, and it seems theres need for that as well. So glad we dont have to spill icewater to make sense on wikiloops :)
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Hello Dick, and thank you!=)

Yes, Dick, I need some support on the lyrics! Would be nice to have 2nd and maybe 3 verse...
Also, I hope someone will help to edit my 1st verse, coz it was translated with "google translator" and I think it's not very right and nice? =))

When the lyrics will be complete, this fact give us chance to go ahead, I think.
And then we'll clarify the situation with style and meter and tempo and key...
Then I will be able to sing these words and bring emotions using chords. Also it will make the other guys, if they wish. That was the idea.

I think that coming up with some drum loop and bass now - it would be wrong, as it will drive us into a rigid framework and we can be very limited imagination ..

About my lead - it is not my target, please believe me, I'll be happy if this project will have life, with me or without me=) If someone will take the lead it, to do mix and video editing - it's ok! It will be much easier for me - I will send some guitar part and all=)
Maybe you, Dick, yourself will oversee it?
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And thank you for your offer about informing people via newsfeed messages etc)
I think, if it will help - why not? :)
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this is a wonderful idea...and I think something amazing can be created here at the Loops with a real message of peace for all humankind :)
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I think the envisaged project very interesting and if there is interest I would earn if necessary. As for the text, because I would sometimes want to encourage that it should not be a purely English text in the universal humanity on "War & Peace" in my opinion. Rather, I think it would be cool that you received content to each other and complement each other, but the language suggests a wide arc as possible, just an idea ;o)
Friedrich Nietzsche: "Without music, life would be a mistake."
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User Avatar Membre
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may be One of possible variants ... open to criticism, corrections, improvements etc .. still needs lyrics...

still hope that will be offered alternatives!=)
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I'll be honest with ya... this is how I feel:
- I'm all for sending a signal that the musicians involved in this project are against wars and pro peacefull solution
- I believe this is right to do, and I believe it would be cool if many people from many countries would join & support such a message.

- I do however not believe that inviting 15.936 members of wikiloops to engage in writing ONE song or submit video will be a good idea - one would propably never finish that ONE song...

So, what I'd like to propose is this:
Lets focus on the intention - giving a signal and getting many to support that (hope that that was Slons intention, thats what I understood). Why dont we just do it like this:
- we announce wikiloops is creating a collection of "say no to war"-Songs and will feature that collection of tracks. This feature could involve a seperate Playlist. The benefit would be: Many can join, many styles can be covered and there is much less organizing to do - one could basicly put no-war lyrics on a given wikiloops jam and submit that.
Now, to cover the visual aspect, those willing to support our call for peace could send in single pictures which could be shown as a slide show with the playlist or be used for a slide-show-kind-of-video - many "faces" could be involved that way without too much effort.

I know this is somewhat diffrent form Slons initial idea, but if you agree with me, I believe its the better alternative than trying to create that ONE song. If you think we should do it the way I just sketched out, I'd be happy to start that, tho I must say I was kind of happy to get a little break after all the update work ;)

Last thought: I believe wikiloops itself is a message against war, because people learn to enjoy and respect people from other countries. I am always looking to support this "side effect". One great way to do that is: translating the interface to reach out to people, so they can share the peacefull and enriching experience here. We need a russian interface, slon :)
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:) kinda liked the slide show idea

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