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Advice on recording programs

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well guys i just rebooted my pc so i lose all the data. Now i need another recording program, i was using cubase LE5 that it came whit the interface, but i wont install that messy shit again (it was like a starter version). So.. any recomendations? I am amming for friendly user.

Also, any good vts guitar softwere u recommend, as probably i will have to donwload that too.
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you could maybe try Reaper for a user friendly and easy to use DAW ... and come on it's really cheap so if you like it give these guys some bucks ;)
guitar rig is always a nice choice as far as i can tell ...
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i ended installing crapy cubase again lol, the cd was there watching me. Tho' i got a problem i cant figure it out! i set up the driver of the interface, set up the ASIO stuff, the channels in and out and things arent working yet D:

i can record, i can use the vts, but i when i press "play" no sound will come. ¿Any ideas?
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might be that you have to switch the channel from recording-mode to playback mode by disabling the "record"-state (propably a red button with each channel)

Does the cubase mixer master channel show any signal when you hit play?

Dont judge Cubase to quickly, only because its difficult to set up, it does not mean it is a bad piece of software. I have been using non-lite Cubase versions for ten years now, and there is still options and things I have not figured out - it just does it all.
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Ditto OliVBee on Reaper. I have Sonor4 but am liking reaper better. Had my 24 track Tascam stolen so I bought the Tascam us-1800 rack mount. It came with cubase. I tried it out and that lasted about 2 minutes. Its not intuitive at all. Reaper is a fast install and its not crippled.
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I'm using mix craft and it is the friendliest I have found
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I've used Audacity for decades. Easy, simple, effective, versatile and free.
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