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Share the story behind your profile name

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I'll start...Instead of continuing with my sax playin.."Life" happened and my horn went into the closet. Wasn't too long before I took up fishin. Got good enough at it to start up a fishing charter business of my own..Called it FishinMission. And there you have mine...:P
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Here's mine, though not much exciting...

When I configured my first email account back in 1932 :) , my first name (Stefano) was obviously already taken, and so was stef, ste, st and even S, so after trying some more combinations I ended up with sticking a random J in front of it et voilà :)
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hehe, this is a good thread :)
Even tho there are people who say it isn't so, I do still believe "Dick" is short for Richard, which happens to be my name.
There are people like "Tricky Dick" Nixon to prove the point, Dick Cheney, Dick Tracy and so on, so dont start that arguent on me, I've been there many times.
I actually released my first home produced Album "Home Alone Project 2002" under the fantastic name of "Dick Snuts" - still not sure if it looks better as "Dick S. Nuts" or "Snuts", but the name kinda stuck to me.
I still experience problems when using google translate sometimes, it tends to come up with very strange translations...
"Dick" means "well fed" (in the sense of being overweight) in german btw - which ads a bit of fun if you regard MrSnuts is a rather slim jim.
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... lemme use this once in a wikitime opportunity to point out that I am neither too wasted to spell beer nor too foreign to spell bear correctly,
my name is "Bär", and since wikiloops did not support umlauts in its very early days, I used the common substitution for the ä.
its pronounced like the english air with a b and means...


bear. Right.
The guy responsible for coming up with this creative name some 25 years ago is also a member of wikiloops, but I wont tell who it was. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!
What's a name if you got drums. phew.
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Well 'Shi' means poem and I guess that says it all really :)
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My name is Todd but every one calls me toad, the Cruncher part comes from unintentionally crunching quite a few toads after the spring hatches near my home. frogs mostly but frog cruncher didn't have the same ring to it.
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My name is Dave and I chose the name Rickplayer because I play a Rickenbacker Bass. Everyone uses Rick on the wiki when they post thumbs or compliments which is cool and ok.
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Skinny-dave just doesn't sound as good as Slimdaver. I combined the nick names "Slim" from my work, and "Daver" from when I was in school.
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Very interesting topic :)... As far I'm concerned, I let you guess :D:D:D:D !!!
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Sophie wrote:
Very interesting topic :)... As far I'm concerned, I let you guess :D:D:D:D !!!

Your name is Eihpos, and you thought it would be a nice idea to spell it backwards? :D ;)
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Basster - cause i am a bassman ;)
Tha bass has to be a lil louder...!
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It's just my name . I used to run an online gaming group and went by a made up name for years. I just use my real name now when I join message boards, etc when I intereact. And yes my name is spelled with two r's not two a's
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Mine, like jstef, relates back to an email account. My brother set it up for me. My name is Ryan and that was already taken so my brother decided to chop the name in half and switch it to Anry - but this looked too much like a mis-spelled Andy and because of our accents we pronounce Ryan more like Ryun - Ryun became Unry - then I forgot the password for me email so just set up a new one as unry666 - 666 because I'm evil :P
Why is the timing so wrong:@ :o stupid Guitar Pro
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I grew up with a Dad who loved switching letters around and intentionally mispronouncing words. Take a shower in our our home was "Shake a Tower" for example. So, I always thought "Bluz" was a clever way to spell "Blues" (my favorite music.) Also, as an electronics technician, I have always been bad about taking things apart and trying to modify them - upgrade them, etc. I thought that I would build my own guitar around my love of that Blues sound that SRV had especially and because I play a strat, I wanted to have a logo made that said "Bluzcaster" instead of Stratocaster. Twenty years later - it's still in pieces. Just a quilted maple body and a birdseye maple neck and a idea for how to get a unique translucent tobacco burst. There are so many great bluz players here who (in my view) deserve the name more than I do. I found out years ago too - that others have used the name "Bluzcaster" and they have even made guitars with that name. Though, I can't seem to find one to link to. :/
"The good news is I'm already too old to die young" :D
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Mine is pretty nerdy, it's from a old xbox game called ninja gaiden.
The most annoying enemies in it were a swarm of ghostly piranhas that float mid-air and would swarm you when you get close.

Me and my friends used to call them Ghostfish
Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.

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I love reading Arthurian Legend…Morgan Le Fey was King Arthur's half sister. She was also a very powerful witch…something I can only aspire to :)
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I got mine from my mates back in highschool when I was pretty much stoned all the time and having the name Ashleigh, HAsh just works... Stuck with me ever since
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My friend call me Roux cause i'm ginger ( roux = ginger in frensh )

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Don't have a story-- other than it's a fictitious name. It's kind of a shortening of my first and last name, and it sounds so suave! heh heh.
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ROBJOL. So simple; my name is ROBert JOLy. I don't have imagination at all. You can verify that by listening to my music...
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