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Want to write worship songs?

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User Avatar Membre
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Anybody out there want to write some Christian worship songs? If you are interested let's talk. I don't care what style we choose (rock, country, hip hop, dance, whatever) as long as it's fresh. I really don't want to make retreaded stale stuff. Anyway, I thought it would be fun and a good way to our my gifts.

Let me know if you are interested.

Layin' down the beats like a novice
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Don't know how much this helps as my only instrument ability is drums . I am interested in doing original worship music. Some bass,etc.samples(files) are available.Let me know a follower in Christ.D
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User Avatar Membre
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I would be interested. I play bass. Let me know if you need me. Blesseings
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User Avatar Membre
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I wouldnt mind contributing some guitar and lyrics etc. The hard part IMO would be finding a singer. A GOOD singer. Us guitar players are a dime a dozen lol
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User Avatar Membre
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Guitarist in church . just tell me if u might need
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User Avatar Membre
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I might me be able to provide some lyrics. I wrote many of them years ago for a songwriting duo (nothing published). It would be fun to see what new songs would evolve out of the lyrics.
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