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Audacity revisited

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After a few years of not recording, I'm getting back into it, slowly. I downloaded, installed and tweaked Audacity 3.2.3 - the latest version. It has grown up over the time I was absent. New features and controls which I remember wishing for.
Rather than "winging it" which I did before, this time I have spent the time and effort to read through both the (included) manual and tutorials. I am a fan. It is much simpler than other DAWs I have investigated. It is not likely up to the standards of Professional (and expensive) DAW packages, but it has all of the tools I need to record and participate in Wikiloops from my small, simple home studio. So, for me, it works.
BTW, the manual, and I assume the UI are available in over a dozen languages, which might be nice for those who prefer one other than English.
Hope this is helpful.
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I normally use Cubase, which is quite complicated. However, when I want to do a quick recording where I won't need to apply any effects or complicated editing I like to use Audacity, it's quick and easy. Also when I want to convert a WAV into MP3 to send in a mail for instance, I use Audacity. So yes, good program for certain things indeed!
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I bought Wavepad a couple years ago when I joined Wikiloops. It was kind of frustrating, not laid out in a logical way at least to me. My son told me about Audacity and I tried it and everything seemed intuitive and easy to use. I have used Audacity ever since and barely touch Wavepad.
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