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Lyric titles in profile?

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User Avatar Membre
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Would it be possible to have a tab (perhaps optional) in the User's Profile for listing the titles of lyrics the user has written (with a link)?

If this is very difficult to do, may I suggest you could integrate FreeFind into the site, quite easily I think. FreeFind doesn't search your database, but lists everything that is publicly viewable and this can be restricted to the sections you specify, in this case the Lyrics Library. It is very time consuming going through the Lyrics forum post by post to find something, eg all songs by Member xxx, and FreeFind is free, does a very good job and can be customised a bit, so its adverts are inobtrusive. It could be (ad free) paid for but I've never looked at that option. As wikiloops is at the moment, I'd probably have link to Advanced Lyrics Search under SEARCH and under LYRICS, so should be easy to integrate. Thank you.
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User Avatar Membre
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Another thing I'd like to see, but I imagine it would probably be a big hassle for you too so it's just an idea, is listing a user's latest Lyrics post in the News Feed.
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I do like the idea to get newsfeed notifications on lyrics written by someone I am following, that does make sense.
I have always been hesitant to inform your followers about your forum activities, it's just too different to decide "I want to be notified of this persons music!" then saying "let me know whenever this musician is involved in some forum discussion", but that doesn't apply for the lyrics,. So, yes, I'll take that on the long list.
Regarding the FreeFind suggestion... without looking at the service, I must admit that I don't see myself integrating something like that, such services often come with a (price or other) tag, so I'm a bit wary on such things. I do agree wikiloops needs some improved text search things some time down the road, but it's not likely happening any time soon.
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