Hi there !

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Hey ! I just discovered this site, and it rocks !

A little bit about me, I am French and live in the USA. I am a keyboard player, I played for years in funk / rock / pop bands, not playing in a band nowadays (although I am certainly considering it... I miss it...).

I am a software developer, lucky enough to be working in the music equipment industry.

Also, note to the admins - I am quite fluent with php/mysql so if you ever need help with the site, feel free to ask.

Keep on rockin' (in the free world :))
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yeah, welcome on board p-tar and thx for the nice offer!
Music equipment industry? now that sounds interesting! What exactly do you do, if its not asking too much...?

Hope you have a lot of fun on the loops,
cu you around!

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For the most part, I write audio plugins. I'll send you a PM with more details. Not that it is super secret or anything, but otherwise I get bombarded with support and feature requests when I say that I work on [insert your favorite software here]
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Welcome P-Tar! Glad to have you here at WikiLoops!

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