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Unusual request ???

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Hey all of you Loopers ... I seem to have fallen into a rut of posting rotten eggs here lately. (4 in a row.) It's like my creative juices have stooped flowing. I find a few riffs on guitar that I think could be used to make something good, but then I have difficulty trying to transition from that into different parts or chords. Maybe I'm just burned out after loosing one of my friends and the best player that I have ever worked with last year, or I'm really just a hack that wants to do things that I really don't have the talent or expertise to pull off. Either way it has become very frustrating to have a complete studio at my house and I can't get a single soul to drop by to jam. I never really thought of myself as a great player just an average one. Or as I often put it... I'm just a guy that has a old guitar a bass and a keyboard and plays them. Is it possible to post just parts like a good guitar riff and get feedback on it or help finding arrangements that work with them? Just curious... Not desperate... I am pretty much stuck at home most of the time, and I am now locked into a perpetual state of boredom...

Roger :W
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All 3 tracks on your page are really good ones, no rotten eggs there, imho. It's just in your brain, that doubt, it's not in your playing. Doubt does that - can make even the best things seem meaningless and pointless. Horrible nasty stuff that you just gotta ignore.

Doesn't matter if you're average or not up to where you'd like to be - we're all exactly the same. Things come, things go, I look forward to more of your tracks.

One last tip - get some exercise. Getting stuck at home can stop the blood flowing, limit your horizons, make you negative. A good walk somewhere nice can lift you right up there again. Works for me anyway. Hope I haven't sounded like a lecturer, just trying to help.

There are some short tracks around a minute on wikiloops so I don't see why you can't put a short guitar riff or suchlike on here. Long term users will know more. All the best.
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Hey Roger, I would echo what BB6 says and just add that here at the Loops we are all people who love music whether we play an instrument, write lyrics, sing or just enjoy listening and dancing round the kitchen table. Whatever it is, enjoy it, have fun and know you are in good company :)
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Roger, just my thoughts as someone who has been on the Loops for a few months only. The great thing is that it`s not a competition and that no one I have come across here has ever said anything negative, quite on the contrary.

I myself sometimes need to upload stuff that is sub-standard - by my own reckoning and also in relation to the quality of the templates I jam to. But only when it`s "out there" can I really start to think about improvements. It`s like a first milestone, which is often bad, uninspiring, but it`s there and only then can I really start to work on the stuff. And even if my tracks or contributions are not good enough for someone else to add to, I still get encouragement, helpful comments.

Regarding ideas/riffs etc., I have come across the same problem, tons of stuff, sometimes only a few bars long. What I think I will do is that I will upload it to the crazy remix board and maybe someone will take the odd bit and do something with it.

So, forget the rotten eggs train of thought, don`t compare and enjoy your art :-)
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Hi Roger, I personally like shorter loops because I can flip them and use them as a foundation for a track. :) Don't push or blame yourself. Every musician expierence the phenomen of a beat block (like it's called in the producer scene) from time to time. The "trick" to avoid or overcome it is to change your approach. In your particularly case I would focus on composing as many cool riffs as possible (make a riff pack) instead of trying to force you to do a whole track at once. And on the next day you could try to combine the riffs or to build tracks out of them. :)
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Most of what I upload is pretty stinky! Some of it gets turned into the most marvellous tunes by the talented people on here who just need setting off by something. I enjoy that role tremendously when it happens. Some that I think is pretty good gets totally ignored, you just never know!

Right now I've barely uploaded anything for the past 6 months as I'm never happy with my stuff... but then if I listen again after a while they're usually a lot better than I remembered so yeah, there's a lot to said for one's state of mind. :)
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Boodoggie, your last track was great. I thought of you when I heard these short tunes, perhaps they'll inspire you in some way:
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