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Tags: Trust, patience, perseverance, soul
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Hope is the sun shining brightly
Shining the whole day through
And though it doesn't seem that way
It's shining nightly too

Showers and storms obscure it
But the sun always shines
In deep dark desperate hours
Hope is here, we find
Hope is the seedling dependent
On warmth and wet to come
Waiting for the magic moment
To push towards the sun

Hope is patience and endurance
Willing to watch and wait
Knowing there'll surely be a chance
To fashion its own fate
Hope is sometimes perspiration
Glistening on the brow
Telling us perseverance makes
Life taste better somehow
Hope is also inspiration
We sometimes chance upon
Today I stumbled upon a verse
Its point inspired this song
Someone chalked upon a board
This pithy little quote
It's from Emily Dickinson
This is what she wrote

"Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul
And sings the tune without the words
And never stops at all."

Those four lines, they say it all
They give hope to all who read
Thank you Emily Dickinson
Another bird is freed
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Wow! What an amazing interpretation and structure to this song. Vocals are superb. Thank you very much. I had a good idea in my head of how this song should sound, but yours is much better. <3 :D <3 :) <3
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