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(Do the) Big Willie Slap

Lyric #2921 by bassMonkey

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Betta watch yo' mouth when y'talkin' 'bout me,
Or 'bout any one else in the Smith fam-lee,
'Cause a smile and a joke is a very fine thing,
But you step cross the line then your face gonna sting,
I can hear you up there trash talkin' my wife,
So you better pucker up for the slap of your life,
I been sittin' here long enough takin' your crap,
Gonna have'ta put you down with the Big Willie Slap.

I can act like a boss, I can sing, I can rap,
But'cha know me best now for the Big Willie Slap,
And a ten-year ban ain't no big nevermind,
That'll work just fine as I think you'll find,
When I ain't G'd up like the Penguin no more,
Or be makin' it rain like I did it before,
I can watch you in your Tux showin' off your welts,
While I'm chillin' in my sweats like everyone else.

C'mon everybody do the Big Willie Slap,
Hear it like hip hop feel it like Rap,
Step to your partner, give him a sock,
But whatever you do, don't play it like Rock.
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