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Should we always give hords for proposed tracks

Should we always give hords for proposed tracks

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Krasimir Supporter
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Joined: 24 janv. 2016
Hi Guys,Thinking that it will be very helpful if we all giving basic hords on proposed jams.This will streamline our hobby.Manny are doing but a lot not.Specially for jams with more heavy and complicated harmony will be better,:)
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wjl Supporter
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I agree Krasimir, it would be far easier and save a lot of work if we always had these coloured bars for the parts, a tempo, key signature, and chord progressions. This has been discussed very often already, like for instance in


or in


In my answer ( post #3 on that last thread in https://www.wikiloops.com/forum/viewthread.php?thread_id=2668#post_19423 ) I showed some tools which can at least help - I use "Chordino" quite often if something is unclear to me, or not easy to hear. And sometimes I add these chords with my uploaded remixes.

But yes, you're right, and you have my vote for that one :)

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zedders Supporter
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Personally I never have a clue what key I'm in or what many of the chords I play are called so I futz over those bits. I do try and show the structure but I wonder why I bother because once downloaded and put into a DAW that's lost anyway?
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GlezBass Supporter
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I agree with everybody!! with Krasimir, with Wolfgang where I also use Chordino sometimes as a chord "guide", and with zedders because I usually don't know what scale I work in or the exact name of chords on keyboards or guitar

It should be as Wolfgang comments, but it has happened to me that after building the color tree in the jam, it either moves or is deleted without knowing the reason! It is a lot of work sometimes that is not efficient, but without a doubt it is the best option

Being a little critical or positive when there are no chords, forces us to work our ears to identify beats, notes, harmonies, and show what a great training for a musician is!!!

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Many thanks for creating this amazing site,its every jammers dream,so many great musicians to record with. Thanks again.
petebass from England

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