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Brother Truckers

Lyric #2907 by bassMonkey

Tags: Rock, people using others
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The road of life is hard,
If you drive it you'll find,
There's a dozen'll be cruel to you,
For every one kind,
And you'd better watch your back,
For the real blood suckers,
Or they'll be in your face,
Like bad brother truckers.

Brother truckers at the store always cutting the line,
Brother truckers taking yours when they've finished with mine,
Brother truckers sitting round making up rules,
Brother truckers taking everybody for fools.

Don't ever give an inch,
Or they'll take a whole mile,
While they cut you into pieces,
In a Hollywood style,
Sure as grit recycles,
Into big dividends,
For their greedy little kids,
And their grass pole friends.

Brother truckers lying just to get a few votes,
Brother truckers buying themselves speed boats,
Brother truckers seated on the White House lawn,
Brother truckers cheated since the day they was born.

Brother truckers here, man, brother truckers there,
Gosh dang brother truckers every darn where.
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Not to be taken literally as a jibe at those involved in road haulage who do a fine job and have my utmost respect.
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