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Dance of the Damned

Lyric #2897 by Donn5150

Tags: vampire love, dark romance
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I burn with a fire, a need to devour
A hunger that is out of control
She lit up my eyes, blew my disguise
Staring straight through to my soul
Her smile was insane, like a razor to vein
She is Lightning to wake up my soul
Set fire to the night,
To dance in it's light
Till yesterdays ash is Ice cold

So I showed her my heart
all The dark empty parts
The hunger and thirst there within
She gave me her heart
The secrets and scars
All the rage and desire within
She swallowed my night
Gave wings to my flight
Stoking my fires of sin

Is this love is this lust
Is this fire or dust
Is this something I can't understand
Is this dark is this light
Is this evils respite
Reborne in this dance of the damned.
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