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Eurovision Song (Kiss Me)

Lyric #2877 by bassMonkey

Tags: Euro-pop, fast , dancefloor filler, teenage osculation
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[So here it is. The Eurovision Song Contest is but a short time away and let's
face it, creating the songs that do well there is hardly rocket science.

English language songs always score highly BUT no UK entry will have a chance because, frankly,
we don't take it seriously enough here and everyone else in Europe hates us anyway.
But then I guess we probably deserve it.

Below is EXACTLY the kind of inane nonsense they go for at Eurovision so if some
talented tunesmith from another locale simply wants to wrap a humm-able earworm melody around this
dross, all you'll need then is a girl who can carry a tune and looks good in a risqué costume.

Fame and riches await!]

Won't ya' tell me baby,
I really gotta know,
Why you always talkin' fast,
But you movin' so slow,
Gotta get some action,
Rockin' in this place,
Scootch a little closer boy,
It's time to suck face.

Kiss me baby,
Kiss me like you mean it,
Kiss me with your eyes closed,
Just the way I dreamed it,
Kiss me in the night-time,
Kiss me every day,
Never let the feeling,
Ever, ever go away.

Kiss me, kiss me, na-na na-na na-naaaa
Kiss me, kiss me, na-na na-na na-naaaa
Never let the feeling ever go away.

Won't ya' hold me baby,
Hold me really tight,
So I'll say I loved the way,
You were lovin' me tonight,
Wanna drink you in,
'Till the room spins round,
Let me taste that Jägerbomb,
You just chugged down.
Kiss me...

[I wrote something for the middle 8 but it was even worse - a few extra "na na"s
and a bit of suggestive jumping around will probably do the job though]

Won't ya' tell me baby,
I really gotta know,
Why I always wanna come,
But you seem to wanna go,
You're always on the bench,
When the road gets rocky,
I need you here playin' me,
At tonsil hockey.
Kiss me...
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