Been a long time!

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Wow it's SO nice to see WIKILOOPS is still thriving!🎶🎵🎶
I'm ashamed😊 for being away for so long, as I don't have my setup to record🎛️🎧 anymore. That's going to change in the VERY near future! I promise!🤝🏼 Lol.

I have an acoustic Bass and guitar now, and my electric also of course 🎸🤘🏻😝. I'm getting into the piano🎹 also. And am planning on getting a good set of electric drums🥁 too! So I should be wikiloopsing in as many ways I can!😁

So, I just wanted to say hello🙋🏻 again and that you guys, and girls, are one of, if not the best, communities online!🏆

All the best!
(aka Andre :D)
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Hey Andre, good to hear from you and welcome back! Hope to hear your jams soon :)
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Hi Andre, nice to have you back at the loops :) Looking forward to hearing your music again :)
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