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Queen of Hallowe'en

Queen of Hallowe'en

Lyric #2823 by bassMonkey

Tags: Hallowe'en, Love Song, Funny, No Politics.
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bassMonkey Supporter
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If I were Count Dracula perhaps you'd be my bride?
Or maybe Mrs Frankenstein here at this monster's side?
If were King Kong I'd love to hold you like Fay Wray,
Or perhaps a Witch Finder and you could be my prey,
You'll always be my dream girl even when your face is green,
Baby you're my Queen of Hallowe'en.

If I were Fred West I'd always pick you as my Rose,
Or Chucky and his missus 'cause we both adore the clothes,
Wenn ich dein Adolf Hitler wäre, wärst du mein Eva Braun,
And if you'd be my Ripley I would be your Alien,
You are my trick-or-treating horror love machine,
Baby you're my Queen of Hallowe'en.

If I were Dr Jeckyll could you be my Mrs Hyde?
Or if you had a Wicker Man would you tempt me inside?
I could be your Wolf man if you'd show me your full moon,
Or your lovin' Mummy if you're my Anck-su-namun,
Whatever it is I know I'll be liking what I've seen,
Baby you're my Queen of Hallowe'en.

Si j'étais ton Quasimodo serais-tu ma (Notre) Dame?
Or maybe Jeffrey Epstein so you could be my Ghislaine?
Saresti Lucrezia Borgia se fossi il tuo Pedro?
Or just a pair of Yetis making angels in the snow,
You're not just great you are the best there's ever been,
Baby you're my Queen of Hallowe'en.

It's a week late I know. I had written one for last week but it was a bit too political and crossed a few lines... Anyway suitably chastised, I re-wrote the last two lines of each verse whilst working on some "big band"-style lyrics. Hope you like, this one is more fun. Plus having done one line each (badly) in German, French & Italian it seemed a shame not to share here ;) . Would totally work as a swing number as well.
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