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I live my life outside the laws of Physics,
They have no meaning to a man like me,
I don't give house space to the works of Kepler,
Ain't got no time for Relativity.

See, Boyle is really just lot of hot air,
Hooke stretches out the truth more than a bit,
Ohm's nonsense must be actively resisted,
And Heisenberg's not even sure of it.

Thermo-dynamics is a stone cold fiction,
I disobey all four laws every day,
I'll do my own conservin' thank you mister,
Who starts a count at zero anyway?

I run a mile from Newtons' laws of motion,
And Gravity ain't gonna hold me down,
Just wave good-bye to James Clerk Freakin' Maxwell,
His squiggly stuff's unwelcome in this town.

And that's why when I say "I speak my own truth",
To justify the selfish ways I act,
You'll know it's uncorrupted by such garbage,
And guaranteed to be devoid of fact.
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