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Regulation about Music Diffusion from Wikiloops

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I tried, as best I could, to decode the legal rules internal to Wikiloops that govern the streaming of our community’s collaborations to other platforms.
It appears that Wikiloops has agreed to an agreement allowing the sharing of collaborations on Facebook.
What about other platforms like Deezer, SoundCloud, Spotify, SoundBlend, etc...) ?
Subject, of course, to the agreement of all the contributors of the musical collaboration concerned.
This question is in line with the objective of opening up our productions to a wider audience.
Some music collaborations internal to Wikiloops go beyond the stage of simple "jam".
Whether in terms of creativity, quality of interpretation, and a solid structure.
Even if the concept of "gig" also offers rewarding possibilities for their participants.
Including sharing moments of musical conviviality between musicians. :) :W
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Hey Philippe, good that you're asking :)

When I placed some songs from here to Soundcloud in the beginning, I was politely asked not to - the reason was that if people heard songs elsewhere then they didn't have to come here, which I understood.

It's two-fold as you might imagine. If you're putting songs from the 'loops up elsewhere to *promote* this site, and to invite others to join us, and if every collaborator is ok with it, then it's okay. I put howto videos on Youtube for instance, to show something in our forums without having to upload videos to the WL servers. Or I put 'teasers' there, like for the album I did with my daughter.

If there's any commercial interest tho, then you'd have to ask and also to give something back to all involved musicians, that's basically what I read from the Wikiloops' rules and knowledge base.

Hope that helps?
Wolfgang (one of the moderators here)
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