Jerry's Cat

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Lying on the grass,
By Jerry's house it came to pass,
I learned a secret known by few,
A trick his cat knows how to do,
I took a trip,
Right through the looking glass.

Jerry's cat can fly,
I saw it gliding through the sky,
It's paws streched out like Superman,
It's claws spread like a Geisha's fan,
It's beautiful,
And no one wonders why.

People stop and stare,
When Jerry's cat takes to the air,
They gather in astonished crowds,
To watch it rise into the clouds,
It's quite absurd,
But no one seems to care.

Out to sea it flew,
And sailors on the ocean blue,
Cried out as it passed overhead,
Their hungry families would be fed,
They smiled and waved,
And knew that it was true.

Over battle grounds,
The flying cat spread peace around,
Soldiers threw aside their swords,
To better reap their just rewards,
Their former foe,
The brothers they'd now found.

When the cat returned,
It shared the wisdom it had learned,
I swear it's true but then again,
I'd had a kiss from Mary Jane,
I gave it's ears,
The tickles they had earned.
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