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Brassica Testabantur Inflictam

Lyric #2779 by bassMonkey

Tags: The Unbearable Violence of Catering, Park Chan-wook if he made Kimchee
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I'm gonna cut you up,
I'm gonna cut you up,
I'll slice you into strips,
Then I'll put you in a cup.

I'll put you in the ground,
I'll put you in the ground,
Then I'll dig you up,
And invite the neighbors round,

I did it 'cause I love you,
I did it 'cause I love you,
And while you lie down there,
I'll be up here thinking of you.

Now you've been exhumed,
Now you've been exhumed,
Passed around the table,
And entirely consumed.

You're finally set free,
You're finally set free,
You were my Kimchee Cabbage,
(That was Mother's recipe).
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:D mmmmm kimchee.
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