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The Necromancer's Apprentice

Lyric #2768 by bassMonkey

Tags: Storytelling, Lust, Ambition, Murder, Witchcraft
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Indentured to the Necromancer at the age of twelve,
I washed a lot of clothes back then but didn't raise much hell,
Slacking off would earn a beating back-chat always got you hit,
I cleaned a lot of toilets and I took a lot of sh**,
But I watched the Necromancer raising bodies from their graves,
Enchanting them with incantations, making them his slaves,
"Thats pretty cool", I thought, "I gotta get me some of that!!",
As I scrubbed the kitchen floor and shook the dust out of the mat.

Assistant to the Necromancer when I turned eighteen,
It's probably the happiest that I have ever been,
I laboured day and night to learn the secrets of the art,
Scouring all the Grimoires for the Magick they'd impart,
I kissed the Necromancer's daughter underneath the stairs,
He disapproved so we made sure that he was unaware,
I assisted him in rituals and I rolled his cigarettes,
I procured his whores and alcohol and paid his gambling debts.

Then I became the Necromancer aged just twenty-five,
Promoted when my predecessor ceased to be alive,
The power was one reason that I chose to take his life,
The other was his daughter who I wanted for my wife,
As the Necromancer I was feared throughout the land,
And the old man couldn't stop me taking little Martha's hand,
Occasionally I brought him back to see his former world,
But he always looked upset to see me sleeping with his girl.

Enslaved now by the Necromancer time has little worth,
I think it may be sixty-six years since my date of birth,
I never saw it coming till it hit me in the back,
She pushed the knife into me and then everything went black,
Then the brand new Necromancer summoned me back from the dead,
"It wasn't hard disposing of the pair of you" she said,
I'm being sent back to my grave now so I'll close my sorry tale,
Which just goes to show the female is much deadlier than the male.
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Someone asked me the other day if Martha and the apprentice were the same age and I
thought it an odd question but yes, that's what was in my mind so they were in the
same household since about twelve, kissed at 18 and then married at 25 when the first
murder takes place with her killing him sometime (probably fairly shortly) after.

Nobody comes out of this well - all three of them engaged in extremely dubious elements
of black magic and two of them are murderers. The original Necromancer clearly treated his
apprentice very poorly and even when the boy becomes a man and develops his skill he is still
being used as little more than a "gofer".

The apprentice was clearly in love with Martha and we may conclude from the last verse that
she coerced him into killing her father - both are also consumed by ambition to inherit the
power and status of the position.

Martha, we assume, wanted this all along and schemed to remove the two obsticles in her way,
possibly being resentful that the apprentice was in line to inherit the power - after that she
has a pretty good run of at least 40 years and brings people back just to tell the tale for
reasons best know to her. Possibly even guilt.
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