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In Spain, Be A While Yet

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I'm in Spain! Been here two weeks. Love it, love it, love it. What a gorgeous country! Achingly beautiful. House proving entertaining on getting good with a few curveballs but all in progress and the problems have been budgeted for thankfully! But it'll be a while until the shed here is converted into my office/studio and I'll be adding on the loops again. At the moment, my drums are stacked in the said shed looking a bit sad... :(

Looking at September until I'm good to add again. Can't wait. But my Residencia is in progress, everything going well. Not missing my Brexit homeland at all.

House somewhere in the the attached photo!

See you on a jam soon I hope :)
mpointon attached the following image:

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So glad that your move went well Martin :)
Wishing you all good things and much happiness in your new home :)
take care
Shi :)
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Wow, quite the countryside .. looks warm!! Cool. Wondering what those crop style rows of trees are, down in the gully? Olives, cork? No matter! Good luck Martin on the move. :)
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Hey Martin,

I wish you a great time in spain. How long did you plan to stay there?

Good luck with the work you have to do there and hope to hear you again on the loops!


Or something like that! :)
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