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Silent Screams

Lyric #2709 by bassMonkey

Tags: melancholy, cryptic
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The sounds of silent screams,
Are all you hear inside your dreams,
And all that you can see is through the glass,
Distorted like your mind,
Don't look too hard in case you find,
Your greatest fears may never come to pass.

You tried so hard to please,
A lifetime spent down on your knees,
In service to some god we call desire,
I looked into your eyes,
But all I saw to my surprise,
Were effigies of fools like me on fire.

Something inside us dies,
With every time somebody tries,
To treat us like we're actually alive,
And I'll be damned but I,
Can't even summon tears to cry,
For feelings that I know will not survive.

Another chapter ends,
Realities with twists and bends,
And lies that ride out of the rising sun,
We never see the blood,
From centre stage within the flood,
Of memories of fights we should have won.
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Great writing added vocals

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Loving it - really nice mood you guys created
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